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Welcome to The Phone Doctors Official Website.

With over 20 years experience in mobile phone unlocking and mobile phone repairs, our technicians specialise in providing a fast and thorough service for all your mobile phone requirements.

Our technicians specialist knowledge coupled with operating the most up to date industry software, allows us to unlock and repair most makes and models of mobile phones - Especially the models others can't. This level of service has made The Phone Doctor one of the UK's fastest growing industry leaders.
Since we were established our specialists have unlocked and repaired hundreds of thousands of phones from basic models through to more technically advanced "Smart Phones"..
All our unlocking and repairs are carried out by our "In House" specialists.
This means we have complete control and can guarantee that when you send your mobile phone to us, WE will personally carry out the repair - Your phone is NOT EVER sent to a third party.
Because we offer such a personal service, we are able to carry out work on your phone and return it to you with far greater speed than most of the competition, including manufacturer's own service centres..
The Phone Doctor GUARANTEES you that we will NEVER send your phone to a third party.
Manufacturer's service centres usually tell you how your phone is beyond repair and proceed to charge you a considerable amount of money just to return it back to you; This is where The Phone Doctor set a new standard.

The Phone Doctor Is Here To Ensure Your Satisfaction, Whenever You Need Us!

The Phone Doctor, Unit19, Passmore, Milton Keynes, MK6 3DY